Japanese Classes

OHJ’s Japanese classes are designed for three different needs of the students:

1) For those who want to learn basic communication skills to use in their workplace, school or local community (level1-4)

2) For those Students who want to “dig in” and learn it all (Hiragana, Katakana, Grammar...) up to the level of passing Japanese University entrance exams for foreign students.

3) For those who want to take the Japanese Proficiency Test (level 5-1)

OHJ’s teachers and textbooks will meet your needs!

Beginner level 1-4 textbooks

This class will take you quickly to a level of Japanese where you can begin to speak your first sentences in Japanese. For this, OHJ’s arranged, compiled and edited their own textbooks levels 1-4 that will meet your needs.
This class is maybe the most exciting of all the classes, because you will begin to see
progress immediately.

“Minna no Nihongo”

This class is designed for those who want to “dig in” and learn it all. The Textbook recommended in this class is widely used by Japanese learners in Japan as well as abroad. It reflects various situations in Japan and social/daily lives of the Japanese people. The completion of level 1 and 2 will take the student right to the level of entering the professional world in Japan.

“Japanese proficiency test(JLPT)workbook” “Preparing for Japanese proficiency test”

These classes are for those interested in taking the Japanese Proficiency Test level 5-1.

日本語クラス If you are a beginner and want to understand and speak Japanese, we recommend you start at the beginner’s course (levels 1-4) and then progress to our second course using “Minna no Nihongo“. Learning Japanese is exciting and it opens up an entire new world of language.

OHJ Japanese classes are each offered in three different types. (1 lesson 50min. or 30min.)
**30minutes lesson is only for private class.

lessen type course fee
private lesson
(For those who would like to focus on their specific purpose/goal/lifestyle)
50min. 16,500 yen/month
30min. 9,000 yen/month
41 times per year
(For couples/families/friends)
12,500 yen/month
41 times per year
Online lesson
(For distant learners or those with busy schedule)
private / semi-private
Private: 50min.16,500 yen/month*
30min. 9,000 yen/month*
Semi-private : 12,500 yen/month*

*41 times per year

Consumer tax included.


The instructor was great and very patient with me.
She helped design a special training program specifically in preparation for the JLPT.
I have been to many Japanese language schools before and this is the best one!

「講師はすばらしい方で、とても忍耐強く教えてくださいました。また、私のために日本語能力試験受験に的を絞った学習プログラム作成を手伝ってくださいました。今まで色々な日本語学校に通ってきましたが、このスクールが一番です」 (エマ・ジェームズ)